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The Ventana View
FYI - Questions - Help
What’s Happening in La Ventana? Let us know if you have something to share or questions for the community.
  • The first cabaret of its kind in La Ventana! Bon Vivants is a burlesque, drag, comedic extravaganza celebrating Carniv√†le in the style of the Big Easy. Dance & musical performances.¬†Tuesday March 1, 6pm & 9pm showings. Plaza El Teso.¬†Order tickets here. Vixypost@gmail.com.
Observing the Reef - This video shows a symbiotic relationship between Barberfish and Mexican Goatfish. Local resident and Naturalist, Mary Sim pointed this relationship out four years ago, and minutes later I started trying to capture it on video. After hours and hours of footage¬†hitting the cutting room floor, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ozJ_wJ7kiMI finally pulled together a few clips to share. This footage was shot at a place I‚Äôve named, ‚ÄúThe Barbershop.‚ÄĚ Barberfish come there to pick parasites and the Mexican Goatfish will position themselves vertically, communicating¬†a need for parasite cleaning services. William desertplayer@hotmail.com
The Barberfish
The Barberfish
All Things Reptile by Chance Stevens - The night snake (Hypsiglena family) is a small, harmless and technically venomous snake that inhabits most of Baja California. Near La Ventana, we have three species: the Cape Night Snake, the Baja California Night Snake and the Coast Night Snake. They are all relatively similar. The picture below is of a Coast Night Snake that I found in mid January. It can be difficult to tell night snakes apart and I can only offer limited help. The Coast Night Snake is the most common, and the Baja California Night Snake typically has more spots of dark brown and is slightly larger than the other two.
When I said ‚Äútechnically venomous,‚ÄĚ I was talking about how these snakes are rear-fanged with a weak venom that is just strong enough to help subdue its prey (small lizards, snakes and frogs). They are reluctant to bite, and completely harmless to humans and pets. Similarly, the most well-known snakes in North America, garter snakes, are also mildly venomous in this way and pose absolutely no threat to humans.
If you want to talk reptiles, please email ChanceStevens123@icloud.com or message 503-777-1404.
Coast Night Snake
Coast Night Snake
MasViento Wind Forecast - (Today: Sunny. North wind 18-22 mph) While ASCAT passes last evening showed light westerly winds over most of the southern Sea of Cortez, numerical model forecasts all show increasing north background flow today as a ridge of Pacific high pressure builds just to our north. Sunny skies will help trigger an added thermal boost this afternoon. Norte conditions will spread across much of the Sea of Cortez by sunrise on Thursday, then likely continue through Sunday with only relatively minor variations in wind speeds each day. Wes - daily forecasts: MasViento.
Farmers Market - The market is on! Every Thursday, located on the main road, Corredor Isla Cerralvo, just a few blocks north of Club Cerralvo.
La Ventana Pickleball - We are so excited to launch the Tango Azul Pickleball Resort! Tired of playing on cracked surfaces with bad lighting? Want to improve your game and meet fun people? Do you want to see a fantastic pickleball park in La Ventana? Our sports-minded community has the opportunity to build a world-class Pickleball facility to support and attract local and international players. We can even host our own tournament!
There will be a ‚Äútown hall‚ÄĚ Q&A at ‚ÄúThe Pickleball Palace‚ÄĚ Saturday, February 26th at 11:00 am to answer more questions! The Palace is located one block north of the elementary school in El Sargento. Please spread the word!
Go here for all of the details: Tango Azul Pickleball Resort - tangoazulpickleball@gmail.com
Tango Azul Pickleball Resort
Tango Azul Pickleball Resort
Community Action
Baja Pet Rescue - We are overcapacity and in need of fosters! We have puppies and adult who are waiting for both fosters and forever homes. Please reach out if you’re able to take on a furry friend while you stay here in La Ventana! bajapetrescue@gmail.com
No Más Basura - We are waiting for you tomorrow 24th from 8-10am behind the farmers market to the west. Please swing by and drop off your recycling. See you then. Your NMB team Nomasbasuralv@gmail.com 
Local Ambulance Services - The ambulance is out of action again and needs urgent repairs. You may remember that it broke down last month and was being fixed for free in the government workshop in La Paz. That took 3 weeks, but on the 2nd call-out it broke down again. Lupita has now given up on the government and has taken the ambulance to a mechanic with a good reputation. We are urgently looking for funds so the repairs can be completed this week.  Please donate if you can to the ambulance PayPal account PayPal.me/ambulancia247. Cash donations can be made to any of the Ambulance Support Group members listed on Ventana View’s Emergency Services page. Chris.bradley3@gmail.com on behalf of the Ambulance Support Group
Events & Activities
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Health & Wellness
The complete calendar of yoga and other wellness classes and retreats is featured on the Health & Wellness page. Announcements:
Yoga with Lucia - Updated schedule: Tuesdays: 9:30am Beginner Yoga Villa Paraiso. Wednesdays: 10 am Full Body - Casa Verde, 5.30pm Full Body - Casa Tara. Thursdays: 9:30 am Beginner Yoga - Villa Paraíso. misuracalucia@gmail.com
Eat & Drink
Check out the most comprehensive list of Restaurants, Cafes and Bars, with maps to help you discover them all.
Benson’s Restaurant Bar - Live Rock Show every Saturday 6pm-10pm. Featuring Dany Tuchmann Jr., Armando Elizalde, Rafael Benson. Happy Hour 6pm-7pm.
Radaroma - Noche romantica con Troubadour Anibal Cota from San José del cabo, good food and much more en la casa del chef. Every Monday starting 6:00 pm
The Ventana View Business Directory has over 150 listings for local businesses and services. What can you find in the directory? See all of the categories. Announcements:
Baja Joe’s - Baja joes Film festival happening this March. Date is yet to be determined this is a reminder to start working on your videos!
La Ventana Downwinder - Looks to be fireing Thursday through the weekend and La Ventana Downwinder will be in full swing. Start will be Baja Joe’s and roll past Casa Verde and Playa Central/Main Campground en route north. We will pick up scheduled guests en route. We have pumps and cold beer. Bring yourself in a wetsuit and kite equipment rolled into harness. Cost is 250p for kiters and 300p for foils. Wingers pre-schedule only. WhatsApp/Text +1-541-470-1100 or reply to our Facebook post in the La Ventana Kiteboaders Group from this morning. 
We also offer private shuttle service with pick up at home/hotel and drop off at home/hotel. We will hold all gear and personal items while you are on water. Cost is 500p per person with a minimum of two. We supply waterproof phone cases to coordinate pick-up. For private shuttles we offer a ride along/safety kiter as well as GoPro video services for an additional charge.
Playa Central - Windy Fiesta Weekend is coming! Starting this Friday, Salsa Night, Big Air Day, Race Day, Downwinder, cash prizes, DJ‚Äôs, happy hour every day. More details about this ‚Äújust for fun‚ÄĚ event including registration info here.
The Ventana View Classifieds is your 24/7 lost & found and swap meet. Post your own available/wanted or lost/found, and it shows up on the site immediately, will stay up for two weeks. Go here now to see it in action and learn how it works! New listings this week:
  • Kiteboard (mark)
  • Donjoy Knee Brace (JohnB)
  • Kitebar (Bill)
  • Pump Lost in La Tuna (Elizabeth P√©rez)
  • Lost my liquid force board (Elizabeth P√©rez)
  • Found Kiteboard (Adam)
  • Mens taller size Mt. Bike Inexpensive (Bill)
  • Mountain bike (Lin)
  • Kite gear wanted (Rainer zach)
  • 5m Foil/Wave Kite (Will)
  • Gas BBQ (Doug)
  • Your recommendation Massage (Ben)
  • Kite gear beginner (Rainer zach)
  • Spinning reel fishing tackle (Gregg)
  • Spearfishing gun and gear (Jeremy)
Real Estate & Rentals
The self-service Real Estate & Rentals section is where you manage your own rental and real estate listings. Add photos, and edit your listing as you like. Learn more and submit your listing here.
Ride Sharing & Travel
The Ventana View Travel Board is where you coordinate with other travelers.
  • Need a ride¬†to or from the Airport? Want to share a shuttle?
  • Looking to Caravan¬†up and down the Baja peninsula?
  • Need transport¬†for you or your stuff to or from La Ventana?
  • Or can you offer¬†a ride for people or stuff?
New Rideshares
New Travelshares
  • Southbound Feb 2022:¬†Caravan.¬†I‚Äôm planning on crossing the border at Mexicali at dawn on Sunday, Feb 27 and would like to caravan. I‚Äôm hoping for ‚Ķ (Steve)
  • Southbound Feb 2022:¬†Ride for Stuff.¬†anytime. I have a 150lb 4x3x2 package that I need delivered to La Ventana from Northern California or can have shipped t‚Ķ (Susan Redwine)
  • Northbound Mar 2022:¬†Ride for People.¬†Need a ride for myself and one bag. Have driven a large truck and a motorcycle through Baja before, very comfortable dri‚Ķ (David Mans)
In Case of Emergency
Bookmark the In Case of Emergency page. Numbers to call and how to call them if you need help. We depend on the entire community to help keep this often changing information up to date. Email us with feedback, suggestions, corrections.
Please read our policy regarding content submitted related to COVID-19.
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The Ventana View
The Ventana View

What's Happening in La Ventana!

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