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🌅 The Ventana View - 20 abril 2022

The Ventana View
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What’s Happening in La Ventana? Let us know if you have something to share or questions for the community.
  • Ventana View Announcement: No newsletter next week (Apr 27). Look for the next Ventana View in your inbox on May 4.
  • Who in La Ventana accepts used clothing that is distributed to those in need? What kind of clothing or shoes? What condition? 
Baja Night Sky - For the rest of the week, the planets Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars, and Saturn form a steep line in the eastern sky from around 5:30 to 6:15 am. Venus is the brightest of the five planets. Below it is the 2nd brightest Jupiter. You can’t see Neptune, two moon widths above Venus, without a telescope or binoculars. It’s a little farther above Jupiter than the four brightest moon’s of Jupiter. Just above Venus is the red planet Mars. The last planet is Saturn. Through binoculars you might be able to see its rings, which might look like a pair of ears. This is a sight worth getting up to view. Tom at
All Things Reptile - (by Chance Stevens) California King Snakes (Lampropeltis californiae) are some of the most powerful snakes in the world. In general, pound for pound, king snakes are the strongest constrictors. Though they are famous for their ability to eat rattlesnakes and other snakes like Rosy Boas, their usual diet consists of rodents, young birds, lizards and anything else with a tail and a head. King snakes live in almost every habitat on the Baja California Peninsula, including urban areas, salt flats and sand dunes, but they are extremely rare. My good friend who grew up in La Ventana has never seen one, and it has long been my dream to find one.
Last week, I heard my dad shout “SNAKE!” I was expecting a coachwhip or maybe a gopher snake but, when I got there, I saw my first king snake. I was in shock. After holding her for a minute, she unfortunately regurgitated a Rosy Boa (regurgitating is a defense mechanism for many snakes, as it makes them lighter and faster, which they hope will help them escape). I was lucky to see a king snake at all, and this was something very special, but there was more to come.
The next day, I was sitting impatiently outside of Oscaritos with six melting popsicles in my lap, waiting for my friend (name undisclosed) to come back after he had ditched me while I was grabbing his drinks in the store. Just then, another friend (who is also my neighbor) pulled up, and was so kind as to offer me a ride home. He told me that another king snake had just been seen in our driveway. When we got home, there was another even prettier king snake in the exact same spot where I had caught the first. It took me a minute to figure out what was happening: this male king snake was following the female’s scent trail! This was something extraordinary!! This was going to be a king snake couple.
If you want to talk or walk reptiles, email And check out the new All Things Reptile page on the website, an archive of all of the reptile stories posted in the newsletter.
La Ventana Stories: History of La Ventana (Part 2) - (by Tom Spradley) Last week we read about pearl diver Salome Leon leaving La Paz with his family to walk through the mountains and start a new life on the Bahia de La Ventana. Today, the story continues. Read on…
La Ventana gals headed for the mango orchard.
La Ventana gals headed for the mango orchard.
MasViento Wind Forecast - (Today: Sunny. East wind 8-10 mph) A partial pass by one of the ASCAT satellites last evening measured light southerly winds over the far southern Sea of Cortez, and a light wind pattern will likely continue through Friday. Relatively light onshore breezes are expected each afternoon, and as is normally the case for east wind, the far southern beaches will see the strongest afternoon winds…maybe in the 12-14 mph range. The latest numerical model forecasts now show the next pulse of north wind will arrive on Saturday as surface high pressure builds into the Baja Peninsula. Wes - daily forecasts: MasViento.
Farmers Market - The market is on! Every Thursday, located on the main road, Corredor Isla Cerralvo, just a few blocks north of Club Cerralvo.
Community Action
No Más Basura - Our next Recycling Day will be tomorrow 21st of April. Same location. West side of the Farmers Market.
Operation Semana Santa was a successful one! Huge Thank You to everyone involved! We could not have done it without you:
  • Baja Joe’s, Chilochill, Delegación de el Sargento, Ejido de el Sargento, Más Viento, Hotel Todo Bien, La Ventana Beach Resort, Tatehuari, La Ventana Bay Properties, Restaurant La Tuna, Ventana Wind Sports, Kiteventana, ZOFEMAT, Clean Master
  • Friends and Neighbors: Eric & Ginger, Randy & Linda, Alex, Chad, Paul, Eric, Bob, Stephen, Lon, Mike, Dave and Mark.
  • Los Alumnos de Telesecundaria Leonor Mesa
  • Our drivers: David & Juanita, Marsha, Heather, Taya, Clara, Wes, Doctor Mike, Pam and Jack. 
  • Pangas: Anne, Murphy and Mike, Clara, Shadow and Cameron, Jeff Carlos
  • Camara y production: Victor
Thank you for being part of the change! Your NMB team 
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Eat & Drink
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El Torote Street Food - To our clients and friends we inform you that next April 24 is our last day this season. We will be pleased to serve you again on Saturday October 15, thank you all for your preference, see you soon.
The Ventana View Business Directory has over 150 listings for local businesses and services. What can you find in the directory? See all of the categories. Announcements:
The Ventana View Classifieds is your 24/7 lost & found and swap meet. Post your own available/wanted or lost/found, and it shows up on the site immediately, will stay up for two weeks. Go here now to see it in action and learn how it works! New listings this week:
  • REI Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1 Bike - L (Lisa)
  • REI Co-op DRT 1.1W Women’s Bike - M (Lisa)
  • 10 foot RIB inflatable boat Suzuki 15 (Chris MacDonald)
  • Naish SUP Paddle (Rob)
  • Dakine Surf Straps and Pads (Rob)
  • Naish Leading Edge Bladder (Rob)
  • Small to Midsize Camper (Steven)
  • Camping trailer small/ mid size (Heinz Endler)
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  • Or can you offer a ride for people or stuff?
New Rideshares
New Travelshares
  • Northbound Apr 2022: Ride for Stuff. Hi Looking for a ride for a painting from Sara’s gallery in El Tezo, painting is framed and wrapped. chip in for gas for… (Esteban)
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The Ventana View
The Ventana View

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