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ūüĆÖ The Ventana View - 2 febrero 2022

The Ventana View
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What’s Happening in La Ventana? Let us know if you have something to share or questions for the community.
  • Retired professional couple looking for beach front or very close to beach 1-3 bedroom monthly rental for February and March 2023. Currently in La Ventana and would love to view the rental if possible. Greg and Robin.¬†
  • Are there any rules regarding outside burning? Bonfires, clearing lots, etc? Thanks!
  • Seeking recommendations for shop specializing in transmission rebuilding of Honda automatic.
  • Open Mic night at Cornamenta Beach Bar will return on Thursday February 10th at 7pm. Reminder that all performers should bring their own microphones in order to perform. Sign up at 6:15.
All Things Reptile by Chance Stevens - The Baja California Coachwhip (Masticophis fuliginosus) is probably the most common snake in La Ventana and the surrounding region. The photo below shows me holding a juvenile Coachwhip that I found in a brush pile a few weeks ago, in early January. This slender, harmless, non-venomous snake is diurnal, quite fast and, like many snakes, elusive. 
Normally, adults have black-colored heads, with their bodies fading to gray towards the tail. Juveniles are more brownish, like the one in the photo. They are one of La Ventana’s longest snake species. Adults range in size from four feet up to eight feet long. Like many other local snakes, this species is most active during the summer months. During warm, sunny winter days, however, these snakes can be found out and about. Look for them in brush piles, under rocks and flat scraps like discarded wood planks, cardboard, carpet remnants, etc.
Overall, Baja California Coachwhips are beautiful and amazing snakes and, as long as we don’t bother them, they won’t bother us! If you want to talk snakes, please contact me at or Text 503-777-1404.
Chance and the Baja California Coachwhip
Chance and the Baja California Coachwhip
Baja Night Sky - Have you visited another galaxy recently? For the next few nights, you have an opportunity to do just that, take a trip by binoculars to the Andromeda Galaxy, our nearest neighbor, only 2.5 million light-years away. If you have a dark sky and know how to use averted vision, you can spot the giant spiral galaxy with the naked eye. The best time to look is from 7 to 8 pm when Andromeda is in the NW sky about halfway to the zenith. That is about 4 to 5 fists above the horizon, holding your fist at arm’s length, pinky on the bottom, thumb on top. First, look a little south of due SW, just a finger or two widths. Then 3 or 4 fists up, look for four stars that form a square. From the top right-hand star, there are two streams of stars. Go out the upper stream to Mirach, the first bright star. Draw a line to the companion star in the lower stream and extend it about the distance between the two stars. That is where you start looking for the faint glow of the spiral galaxy known as M31. Incidentally, Andromeda contains some 100 billion stars, headed straight for us. It will crash into the Milky Way in a couple of billion years. But have no fear. The space between stars in the two galaxies is so great that Andromeda will pass right through, probably with no collisions. Tom at
The Andromeda Galaxy
The Andromeda Galaxy
MasViento Wind Forecast - (Today: Mostly cloudy. Light and variable wind becoming northwest 12-14 mph) The ASCAT satellite passes missed BCS last evening, so no wind observations were available, but all numerical models show a west wind has become established over the southern Sea of Cortez. Most models now indicate that winds will become north…northwest later this afternoon and increase a bit, but infrared satellite loops show that the thick mid-level cloud deck that moved in this morning will likely persist, so no significant thermal boost is expected today. Surface high pressure will build into interior west of the U.S. tonight into Thursday, with a strong surge of north wind reaching us by daybreak. There may be some overnight showers extending into the early morning, but sunshine should return by midday on Thursday. Wes - daily forecasts: MasViento.
Farmers Market - The market is on! Every Thursday, located on the main road, Corredor Isla Cerralvo, just a few blocks north of Club Cerralvo. Announcements:
  • Fresh Smoked Yellow-Tail and smoked Yellow-Tail Dip¬†this Thursday at the Farmers Market, great for those¬†appetizers.¬†Paty‚Äôs homemade Strawberry Jam,¬†her original Pepper Jelly, Pineapple Habanero Pepper Jelly, Mango Chutney &¬†Vanilla beans from Veracruz.¬†Also Baja Art cards and Handmade Mexican blouses. stop by and try a sample. See you there, Larry and Paty
Community Action
Ambulance Services - Please check out the new information in the Local Emergency Services page about how to access and use the ambulance, pay for services used, and provide support so our ambulance can continue to provide the stellar service that has saved so many lives over the last 10 years.
Currently the ambulance remains out of service due to lack of funds to replace the transmission.
No Más Basura - Our next Recycling day is tomorrow Feb 3rd between 8-10am. West side of Farmers Market. 
Special Call-Out ‚ÄúRecycle - Re-use‚ÄĚ: This week we are collecting jars for Casa 3 Gacias, located next to the Veggie stand. You can help us to ‚Äúre-use and re-purpose‚ÄĚ.¬†Please bring all jars you have been collecting with lids on. They will be used to hold some yummy content (see Pic).
Be part of the change! T-shirts and plastic posts for sale. Your NMB team 
Jars Re-used!
Jars Re-used!
Events & Activities
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Health & Wellness
The complete calendar of yoga and other wellness classes and retreats is featured on the Health & Wellness page. Announcements:
Fitness & Yoga Classes with Lucia Misuraca - Full body classes and yoga classes at Hotel Villa Paraíso. also offering Private and group (It can be at the beach or also go to the peoples house) +52 322 1582630.
Eat & Drink
Check out the most comprehensive list of Restaurants, Cafes and Bars, with maps to help you discover them all. Announcements:
Rancho Cacachilas - Casual rustic pizza night with a gourmet touch at the ranch - Saturday Feb 5 (Note: Friday Feb 4 Pizza Night has sold out!). You’ll be in flavor heaven with our variety of pizzas made in our rustic wood fire oven with ingredients from the orchard. Grab your glass of wine, a cold beer or our traditional welcome mezcalita and get cozy around our campfire to enjoy the starry night. Pizza Night in Rancho Cacachilas will be your new fave! Get your tickets: 612 131-0144
El Anzuelo Restaurant - Taco Tuesday Bar and Movie Night, every Tuesday at Anzuelo Restaurant. 200/pesos per person, all you can eat. Find us at the Palapas Ventana Resort!
Benson’s Restaurant & Bar - Live Classic Rock on Saturday February 5th, starting from 6pm to 10pm. Happy hour from 6pm to 7pm. We also have dinner, burritos, burgers, salad, snacks, drinks and beverages!
Radaroma - Noche romantica Feb 3 starting at 5pm: sushi poke, yakimeshi, teriyaki, nigiris, sashimi, curricanes, and much more in la casa del chef. (Radaroma) te esperamos jueves 3 de febrero a las 5:00 pm. Live singer Anibal from San jose del cabo
The Ventana View Business Directory has over 150 listings for local businesses and services. What can you find in the directory? See all of the categories. Announcements:
Palapas Ventana - Scuba dive in Jacques Cousteau’s playground! We have 20 years of local experience, licensed private covered boats, multilingual guides who know the best spots, and lunch/water, we are prepared to show you the #bestofbaja underwater! +1-310-594-DIVE
Gray Whale Season is limited time only! Let us take you to Mag Bay during the birthing season. 2 gray whale boat sessions, night at our Mag Bay outpost, all transpo, meals, and fun! $480/person, call or text +1-310-594-DIVE.
Playa Central Kite Shool & Wingfoil Center - This week featuring the NSI wingfoil harnesses and leashes. Come check out our coiled SUP leashes and surf wax. Open 8am-6pm. Join us Feb 16th at 10AM: Wing Wednesday Beginner Clinic at Playa Central, 1 hour, limited ro 12 people. Email to sign up, 500mx/person.
New camp sites! - Up arroyo from Main Campground on beautiful knoll with great views. New shower, bathroom, and electrical . Contact Jaquine Lucero 612-176-9388.
A Note about the Classifieds: If you submit a listing, you must click the clink in the confirmation email we send you. Otherwise it cannot be approved to show up on the site. Thanks! (any other questions?)
The Ventana View Classifieds is your 24/7 lost & found and swap meet. Post your own available/wanted or lost/found, and it shows up on the site immediately, will stay up for two weeks. Go here now to see it in action and learn how it works! New listings this week:
  • Black Crocs size 10 (TJ)
  • Lost Kindle (Fabianni Avila)
  • Women‚Äôs Purple Down Vest (Susie)
  • Cabrina Twin Tip Board (Gary)
  • Credit/debit card (Rose Akins)
  • Found Huawai Phone (Paul)
  • JP Windsurf Board (Chris Bradley)
  • So. Much. Kite/Wing/Foil/Windsurf gear. Oh, and a juicer, iPhone, cargo trailer, etc. Forty-six available items added this week! Go here to see them all.
  • Six string acoustic guitar to rent (Doug Long)
  • 26 inch by 2.35 Bike tire and or tube (Peter)
  • Kiteboard leash (Douglas McLane)
  • Axis 82cm Aluminum Mast (K)
  • Daily Childcare (Will R)
  • Van Rental for February (Hekter)
  • 2000 H/A Funatic front wing and 300 tail (Mark)
  • New-ish 9 m Neo (Ray)
  • Kite Pump needed (Charlie)
  • Portable RV holding tank (A)
  • Macerator RV Pump (Wade)
  • Gates (Mel)
Real Estate & Rentals
The self-service Real Estate & Rentals section is where you manage your own rental and real estate listings. Add photos, and edit your listing as you like. Learn more and submit your listing here.
Ride Sharing & Travel
The Ventana View Travel Board is where you coordinate with other travelers.
  • Need a ride¬†to or from the Airport? Want to share a shuttle?
  • Looking to Caravan¬†up and down the Baja peninsula?
  • Need transport¬†for you or your stuff to or from La Ventana?
  • Or can you offer¬†a ride for people or stuff?
New Rideshares
New Travelshares
  • .
In Case of Emergency
Bookmark the In Case of Emergency page. Numbers to call and how to call them if you need help. We depend on the entire community to help keep this often changing information up to date. Email us with feedback, suggestions, corrections.
Please read our policy regarding content submitted related to COVID-19.
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The Ventana View
The Ventana View

What's Happening in La Ventana!

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