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The Ventana View
FYI - Questions - Help
What’s Happening in La Ventana? Let us know if you have something to share or questions for the community.
  • Chess Players. I’m looking for friendly mid-morning matches. Jim bowtiezzzz@yahoo.com
  • We’re in need of an AC Tech. Please forward contact info to fhagen1@gmail.com
  • A vehicle has been parked at the bufadora for days. How does one notify the owner? Black Honda Element, California license 7ZRC732. holalana@gmail.com
  • Rattlesnake Advisory: Last night around 2130, I stepped out of the house to help my wife hang out the laundry (an unusual event in itself!) and immediately encountered a 3-foot rattlesnake blocking my path to the clothesline. Since I had encountered one in that same place on a warm day two years ago, I am always thinking about snakes when I walk out to the bodega. What surprised me about this encounter though was the fact that it was quite cool out. But here is the scary part. Had my wife walked out first and the snake had been coiled just around the corner of the house, she would come within two feet of it. The snake seemed somewhat lethargic, so I am not sure if it would have given a rattle warning. After unsuccessful attempts chucking gravel at it (which worked on tiger snakes in Australia), we used the hose to drive it off. But it got us to thinking. If Toni had gotten bitten, what would we do? Is there any place in our villages to get immediate emergency treatment? Or are we looking at a 45-min scary ride into the hospital in La Paz? We are considering installing a snake fence on that side of the property; three feet is the recommended height. As wildlife lovers, we would not even consider killing the snakes. All this to say, always be wary of the presence of rattlesnakes, even on very cool dark nights, particularly if your property contains or abuts onto brushy, scrubby habitat. We hope that this is helpful to someone. David and Toni Bird david.bird@mcgill.ca 
Baja Birding Club - Our second outing to the Palm Oasis this past Sunday followed by a guided snorkelling excursion was a huge success. Not only did the 16 participants get to see our target bird, the amazing endemic (found only in Baja) Xantus’s Hummingbird, 10 of them also saw about 20 or so fish species under the sea. Our next destination (and for the first time) will be the sleepy village of San Bartolo roughly half-way to Los Barriles this coming Sunday morning, December 19. We will meet at 0730 for car-pooling at the Marlin Azul restaurant just south of Baja Joe’s. Besides seeing some interesting bird species inhabiting river habitat, you might want to bring along your bathing suit and a towel for a dip in the local swimming hole and some pesos to buy some tasty mango empanadas. David M. Bird david.bird@mcgill.ca. 686-340-6019
MasViento Wind Forecast - (Today: Sunny. North wind 22-26 mph) The ASCAT passes last evening measured 10 knot north-northwest winds over the southern Sea of Cortez, but all numerical model forecasts show a rapidly tightening surface pressure gradient this morning. This will generate a new surge of north winds, and with infrared satellite loops showing a sunny day ahead, we will likely see a very windy afternoon. Strong north background flow is forecast to continue on Thursday, and while thickening high clouds may dampen our thermal a bit, we should still see a windy day. At this point Friday is a low-confidence forecast, as models show a weakening surface pressure gradient and persistent high clouds. If we see a few thin spots in the high clouds, we could see just enough filtered sun to produce at least a partial thermal boost. Surface high pressure is forecast to build into the southwestern U.S. on Saturday and send a new surge on north winds down the Sea of Cortez. High clouds are forecast to move off to the east, and with full sunshine returning, we should see a big thermal kick as well. Similar conditions should persist through the weekend and into next week as surface high pressure to our north remains nearly stationary and sunny days produce solid afternoon thermals. Wes - daily forecasts: MasViento.
Farmers Market - The market is on! Every Thursday, located on the main road, Corredor Isla Cerralvo, just a few blocks north of Club Cerralvo. Announcements this week:
  • Fresh Smoked Yellow-Tail and smoked Yellow-Tail Dip this Thursday at the Farmers market. Paty’s homemade sugar free Fig Jam, her original Pepper Jelly, Pineapple Habanero Pepper Jelly, Mango Chutney, Mango Jam and Vanilla beans from Veracruz. Also Baja Art cards and Handmade Mexican blouses. See you there, Larry and Paty
Community Action
El Sargento Policía - Dear Community, a reminder that no Policía are allowed to go to homes to ask for money. If you would like to donate, you can put your donation in boxes that will be at local stores (Oscaritos & Star Market, Modelorama tacos París and Bike hub) and at the Police Station between 12 and 3pm. Also on 22 Dec the Policía will be asking at a checkpoint at one of the topes for donations. Note that the 24-hr on duty Policía cell.
Contacto Comandante Sepulveda. jasv2509@hotmail.com +52 612 105 0699
No Más Basura - We are waiting for you tomorrow Thursday the 16th from 8 am - 10am at the West side of the Farmers Market. We are still giving away Moringa Plants. Come and visit us!
Thank you to all who have donated to our NMB Benefit Garage Sale al aire libre!We had a great outcome and a lot of items did find new homes! Thanks for de cluttering and keeping it out of our landfill!
Last but not least, have you seen our posts with your recycled plastics for sale yet? For more information please contact us at nomasbasuralv@gmail.com
Aire Libre Sale - No Más Basura
Aire Libre Sale - No Más Basura
Events & Activities
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Health & Wellness
The complete calendar of yoga and other wellness classes and retreats is featured on the Health & Wellness page. Announcements:
Gentle Flow Yoga with Molly - New at Baja Joe’s Thursdays and Sundays, 8:30am
Eat & Drink
Check out the most comprehensive list of Restaurants, Cafes and Bars, with maps to help you discover them all. Announcements:
El Anzuelo Restaurant - at Palapas Ventana is hosting Taco Tuesday Movie Night every Tuesday. Complete with a full taco bar and a new release on our projector. Join us Tuesdays - Palapas Ventana, KM 9
Baja Grill - This Friday, December 17! Smoked Pork Shank! Simmered for 14 hours! only 60 pieces! you have to try it! NFL! Don’t miss the games! come with us! (Thursday’s, Sunday’s & Monday’s ).
The Ventana View Business Directory has over 150 listings for local businesses and services. What can you find in the directory? See all of the categories. Announcements:
Strut Kiteboarding - Professional kiteboarders Sensi Graves & Nadja Bianchet are running a women’s kiteboarding clinic in partnership with Elevation Kiteboarding. This clinic is for kiters looking to build community, kite with women and advance their skills. Included: lunch, yoga, professional instruction. Feb 14-15, 2022. More info: strutkiteboarding.com
El Bike Center - is joining LaVamba efforts on building and maintaining our trails! We would like to invite everyone to try out our e-bikes every Tuesday of December and January for our group rides. We encourage everyone that would like to join to do a donation of 10usd that will help LaVamba keep up their amazing work!
La Ventana Downwinder - had a great opening weekend shuttling birthday parties and individual guests. Today will be firing and we will be in full swing. Start will be Baja Joe’s with stops at Playa Central/Main Campground as well as quick stops for those en route. We have pumps and cold beer. Bring yourself and kite equipment. Cost is 150pesos for kiters and 250 for wingers. WhatsApp or Text +1-541-470-1100.
We also offer private shuttle service with pick up at home/hotel and drop off at home/hotel. We will hold all gear and personal items while you are on water. Cost is 500pesos per person with a minimum of two. We supply waterproof phone cases for you in cases a rescue pick up is needed and to coordinate pick-up. For private shuttles we offer a ride along/safety kiter as well as GoPro video services for an additional charge.
The Ventana View Classifieds is your 24/7 lost & found and swap meet. Post your own available/wanted or lost/found, and it shows up on the site immediately will stay up for two weeks. Go here now to see it in action and learn how it works! New listings this week:
  • North Pacific Surfboard (Michele)
  • kiteboard - Mako 140 - green/white/blue (Tom Aviv)
  • Cabrinha board Lost (Johnny)
  • Ion impact vest woman’s black/pink (Mary)
  • 2 Paddle Board Carry Straps (Roxie)
  • Womens wetsuit (Tom)
  • Board Returned Asap - Mark your stuff (Doran)
  • Ozone Enduro v3 10m and 8m (Jarek)
  • Schwinn Bike 45.00 (kitty robinson)
  • GT Bike (kitty robinson)
  • Slingshot 10 M SST (Bruce)
  • Aerotech sail (Rick Voss)
  • Northwave sail (Rick Voss)
  • Northwave sail (Rick Voss)
  • Exocet windsurf boards (Rick Voss)
  • throw rugs (Charley Higgins)
  • Mask & Fins (size small) (Jay Senior)
  • 2019 8m rpm (Mike Nystrom)
  • Naish twin tip 134 (Mike Nystrom)
  • Harnesses (Mike Nystrom)
  • Slingshot Kite 9m RPM 2019 (Lisa Burton)
  • Levitaz Raze Board (Mayrand)
  • Race Gear VMG2 18m (Mayrand)
  • For sale propane heater (Rex)
  • LG Range Hood (Tonya Tyre)
  • Goya Custom Thruster Windsurf Board 86L (bill o'halloran)
  • JP Single Wave Windsurfing FIN 800/20 (bill o'halloran)
  • Maui Fin Co. AR Single Wave Windsurfing (bill o'halloran)
  • New Microvave Oven (kitty robinson)
  • Armstrong foil kit (Esteban)
  • Baja Modified 2004 Dodge Caravan Ex Cond (Jon Nigbor)
  • 8m Slingshot SST - 2018 - B Condition (Jon Nigbor)
  • 2019 Slingshot SST 9m - B Condition (Jon Nigbor)
  • RV spot or House Rental Jan-March (K)
  • OneWheel Plus XR (Hamish)
  • Women’s Wetsuit top (Kathy)
  • Naish Ride 6 meter kite (Kathy)
  • Air Rush 8 Meter kite (Kathy Waesche)
  • LTH (L-24M-500) Marine batteries qty 3 (Richard L Shirey)
  • Cabrinha kite FX 12m 2018 (Bo)
  • helmet (Jim Topping)
  • Blade Trigger 7m kite (Jim Topping)
  • Blake Trigger 9m (Jim Topping)
  • Mikeslab Bullet 6 (Adam K)
  • Core Section 5 meter kite (P)
  • 10m 2017 Slingshot Rally kite (Ben May)
  • Crispy 8m 2018 Slingshot Rally Kite (Ben May)
  • Sabfoil (Moses) T35 Carbon Foil Board (A)
  • 9M kite bag for 12M kite bag (craig marshall)
  • Slingshot kite bars (Mark)
  • Need booties for kite boarding 8.5 femal (Adriana)
  • wing foil gear ready to fly out of VWS (Esteban)
  • Core Nexis 6 meter kite (P)
  • 2019 Cabrinha Moto 12M (Jack)
  • Garmin Fish Finder (Ken)
  • Safe (Ken)
  • Scuba Dive gear (Ken)
  • Rotoplas Pump (Ken)
  • Duotone board (Elevation Kiteboarding School)
  • Used Duotone Rebels for Sale (Elevation kiteboarding School)
  • 2018 8M Ozone Enduro V1 (Sarah)
  • Bic electric rock windsurfing board (Louis)
  • wifi booster (susan allen)
  • Looking for office space with fast inter (Shannon Cousineau)
  • Carbon Foil Lift Armstrong Slingshot (Jeremy)
  • PT and or Massage (Mark Thesing)
  • Hair cut (Mark Thesing)
  • Subaru Forester low milage (Marlisa)
  • Dwarfcraft Mirco or similar foil board (Jeremy)
  • twin tip (Cynthia)
  • Travel trailer (Steve)
  • 12 v or 6 v RV batteries (Tim Marozick)
  • Wetsuit 3/2 (Blake Newton)
  • functional full size refrigerator (gayle)
Real Estate & Rentals
The self-service Real Estate & Rentals section is where you manage your own rental and real estate listings. Add photos, and edit your listing as you like. Learn more and submit your listing here.
Ride Sharing & Travel
The Ventana View Travel Board is where you coordinate with other travelers.
  • Need a ride to or from the Airport? Want to share a shuttle?
  • Looking to Caravan up and down the Baja peninsula?
  • Need transport for you or your stuff to or from La Ventana?
  • Or can you offer a ride for people or stuff?
New Rideshares
New Travelshares
  • Southbound Dec 2021: Ride for Stuff. Car part out of New Westminster is required please let me know if I can compensate for you to take it down via plane (Kevin Viney)
  • Southbound Dec 2021: Ride for Stuff. I have a few pieces of mail that want to join me here in LV. I’ll be here at least until January 8. The mail is in San… (Tim Marozick)
In Case of Emergency
Bookmark the In Case of Emergency page. Numbers to call and how to call them if you need help. We depend on the entire community to help keep this often changing information up to date. Email us with feedback, suggestions, corrections.
Please read our policy regarding content submitted related to COVID-19.
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The Ventana View
The Ventana View

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