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🌅 The Ventana View - 14 abril 2021

The Ventana View
FYI - Questions - Help
What’s Happening in La Ventana? Let us know if you have something to share or questions for the community.
Help stop mosquitos! - We know this is a desert with very few rains and thus we should not have a mosquito problem. However, we have learned that our septic tanks, plumbing/sink water traps, as well as our toilets, can encourage the lifecycle of mosquitos, including the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that carries the Dengue and Zika viruses. When we do have rains, the following also encourages mosquito lifecycles: boats holding small amounts of water, waterfall features, swimming pools, bird watering devices, construction water barrels, old tires, pails, empty garden pots, and virtually anything else that holds stagnant water.
Suggestions to minimize the spread of mosquitos and the potential for Dengue and Zika viruses, before leaving town:
  • Add some mineral oil to all sink pipes and toilets
  • Cover toilets with saran wrap to seal them from evaporation
  • Turn all buckets upside down
  • Cover pools, boats and bird baths
  • Check your septic tank for cracks and repair them
  • Cover your septic tank vent with a double layer of screen with a 1cm gap and house “stink” pipes with a similar double layer metal screen to prevent easy access to and from the septic tank. More info.
Now for advanced ways I have developed a “one-way” mosquito trap. It can be adapted to “stink” pipes as well as septic vents vs. just screening them off with double screens.  I have on my website a DIY video in English, Spanish, and French that can be adapted to septic systems. If you have any questions please contact me directly at  
Community Action
Ambulance Service Donation Drive - As we have not been able to organize any fundraising events this season for Lupita and the ambulance services, we would like to do a quick visit door to door and come by your place for those who wish to donate to support this cause. We will be doing this today, Tuesday April 13th, starting from the north end of El Sargento at 10:30am and working our way down to La Ventana. I will be assisting Lupita, to help with translation if need be. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me at or text or call me at 612 149 7227.
Alternatively, if you prefer to donate online, you can do so to Lupita’s Paypal account:
Thank you for supporting the ambulance service so that they can continue being available for everyone 24/7 in our beautiful community of El Sargento & La Ventana.
Farmers Market
Farmers Market is every Thursday. Look for the market a few blocks North of Club Cerralvo along the main road, before El Teso. More on Facebook. Announcements:
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Events & Activities
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los lunes
los martes
los miercoles
los jueves
los viernes
los sábados
los domingos
Health & Wellness
The complete calendar of yoga and other wellness classes and retreats is featured on the Health & Wellness page. Announcements:
  • Cara Tara - Yoga schedule update. See our updated yoga classes being offered throughout the week here.
The Ventana View Classifieds is your 24/7 lost & found and swap meet. Post your own available/wanted or lost/found, and it shows up on the site immediately will stay up for two weeks. Go here now to see it in action and learn how it works! New listings this week:
  • Black Kayak Paddle - - Lost April 9th (William)
  • Apple iPhone (Mike McCombs)
  • Found Older North Bar on Hot Springs (Andres Ochoa)
  • Honda ATV trx 420 4X4 3000us (Chris MacDonald)
  • North Duotone Wam 6'1 (joel)
  • North Speedster GT Foil Reduced (Ron)
  • North Foilboard Reduced (Ron)
  • Bike rack to take back to the Bay/hood (Chris MacDonald)
  • Child car seat (Alenka Vrecek)
The Ventana View Business Directory has over 200 listings for local businesses and services. What can you find in the directory? Check out all of the categories. Today’s Business Announcements:
Baja Joe’s - Change of hours: Bar 2pm to 9pm everyday except Mondays. Baja Joe’s coffee shop 7am to 2pm everyday except Thursdays. Baja Joe’s restaurant Friday 2pm to 9pm Saturday 9am to noon & 2pm to 9pm Sunday 9am to noon & 2pm to 9pm.
San Siro - Join us for Acoustic Music Saturdays 7pm with Nikki Avatara.
La Ventana Downwinder - New shuttle service for Kiter and Wing-dingers between La Ventana and El Sargento. May also provide mountain bike shuttles to the Hot Springs single track area. Baja Joe’s Parking Lot/Beach Access to La Tuna (Palapas), Rasta, Hot Springs.
Real Estate & Rentals
Check out the self-service Real Estate & Rentals section. You manage your own rental and real estate listings. Add photos, and edit your listing as you like. Learn more and submit your listing here.
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Ride Sharing & Travel
The Ventana View Travel Board is where you coordinate with other travelers.
  • Need a ride to or from the Airport? Want to share a shuttle?
  • Looking to Caravan up and down the Baja peninsula?
  • Need transport for you or your stuff to or from La Ventana?
  • Or can you offer a ride for people or stuff?
New Rideshares
New Travelshares
  • Northbound May 2021: Caravan. headed up Hwy 5 around May 11th. we will likely stop in San Ignacio night 1 and then to San Felipe night 2 to cross in Mexicali on the morning of Day 3. We are 2 people and 1 dog in a van. Sonni
In Case of Emergency
Bookmark the In Case of Emergency page. Numbers to call and how to call them if you need help. We depend on the entire community to help keep this often changing information up to date. Email us with feedback, suggestions, corrections.
Please read our policy regarding content submitted related to COVID-19.
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The Ventana View
The Ventana View

What's Happening in La Ventana!

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