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🌅 The Ventana View - 1 junio 2022

The Ventana View
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  • Piano Concerts on Sundays, 12:30 PM. Take a scenic Sunday drive to a historic El Triunfo BCS. Bring your children and your friends to Baja’s unique timeless show and let them experience a classic entertainment enjoyed by our grandparents for the past centuries. Go to Carnegie Hall and the Tea Room without flying to New York. Wear your best dress and borrow a hat from Victorian era Margery’s Tea Room vintage hats collection. Try best pastries in the world and real English tea, hear one of the finest pianists in the world perform timeless classics of J.S.Bach, F.Chopin, L.van Beethoven, R.Schumann, G.Gershwin, A.Beach. Celebrate life and join Baja’s world class arts and culture scene! Location: Margery’s Victorian Style Tea Room at Bar-Restaurant El Minero, 2nd floor. Admission: 15 usd. Reservations:
All Things Reptile - (by Chance Stevens) Sea turtles are amazing and magical animals to see in the wild. These majestic swimmers are, no doubt, some of the most tenacious turtles in the world. Though only an estimated 1 in 1,000 hatchlings makes it to adulthood, once full grown they are capable of defending against the most brutal of attacks, even from sharks.
Here on the Sea of Cortez, our most common sea turtle is the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) and this is the turtle we recently witnessed digging nests in the sand. Last week, at around 8:30pm, one of these beautiful reptiles crawled up the beach and started digging a hole. Clearly a female preparing to lay eggs, she dug a few test holes before deciding the conditions were not quite right; perhaps the sand was too dry or the wrong temperature. Then she headed back out to sea. We knew there were no eggs in the nest because the mother turtle left the nests as holes, rather than packing them down with her flippers and body.
Sea turtles are definitely being threatened as the world is changing, from their eggs getting squished by cars or dug up by dogs, to pollution and global warming. Since plastic sometimes looks like jellyfish, which is a favored food, it can be devastating when turtles mistakenly eat it.
When the mother turtle dug her holes on the beach last week, the six false nests were quickly covered by a protective fence and stakes by some caring beachgoers. Although pointless in this case, since the nests didn’t contain any eggs, their action demonstrates how much people care. Acts of kindness like this can make a big difference in helping these important and incredible creatures’ next generation.
If you want to talk or walk reptiles, email And check out the new All Things Reptile page on the website, an archive of all of the reptile stories posted in the newsletter.
Community Action
No Más Basura - This week there will be NO recycling collection. Thursday, June 9th at the old location, opposite site of El Palmar, West of Farmers Market. We will be waiting for you between 8 - 10am.
Thank you for being part of the change! Your NMB team
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Palapas Ventana - Time for a perfect dive season in La Ventana! Meet our guides here. We are Legal, Local and Legit, with 20 years of diving Isla Cerralvo. 
Pico Pala Adventure Hub - Let’s celebrate #GlobalRunningDay at Pico Pala! Join the pledge with the pico pala team and run 3.1 miles with us next saturday, June 4th, 2022 at El Triunfo. Lace up your shoes, try one of our brand new tracks and run the world with thousands of other participants in celebration of a day that encourages everyone to stay active and healthy. More info. 612 159 1657 whatsapp.
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  • Wanted: Travel Trailer (Heinz Endler)
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The Ventana View
The Ventana View

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